Earn money in your sleep.

AnchorUSD puts your money to work. Earn up to 8% APY¹ compound interest with our High Yield Stablecoin Interest Account.

8.00% APY¹ Interest

8.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY)¹ High Yield Interest account. That's 160x what the national average savings bank account offers.

No Hidden Fees, No Catch

No minimum balance requirement, no maximums on interest earned. And no fees.

Daily Interest Payouts

Receive interest payouts daily with no lock ups, so that you can always make the most of your interest gains.

Automated Savings

Grow your savings automatically without thinking about it, schedule it for the frequency of your liking.

Stay In Control Alerts

You’re always in control and in-the-know with daily interest notifications and transaction alerts.

Security and Support

We employ cutting-edge security systems and adhere to best practices. Keep your account secure with Two Factor Authentication, Biometrics / PIN authentication, and more security features.  Get support and give feedback without leaving the app.

Insurance and Collateral

All interest accounts are covered by our commercial criminal and cyber liability policies. Read more here.

Our most commonly asked questions.

How often is interest paid?

Unlike traditional accounts, we pay out daily. Not monthly, not weekly, Daily! This means you earn everyday.

Do you offer compound interest?

Yes, this means the interest you earn is reinvested back into your interest account, earning even more interest.

Is there a lock-in period?

No, you can deposit and withdraw your money anytime, 24/7.

Is this available outside of the US?

We support stablecoin deposits and withdraws for users globally. Fiat deposits and withdraws are US only.