Frequently Asked Questions

AnchorUSD is fully collateralized by US dollar deposits. This means that for every 1 token of AnchorUSD issued, there is $1 US Dollar on deposit in our escrow account.

Our escrow structure is deliberately designed so that only AnchorUSD token holders can access the funds. Funds cannot be used for any reason other than supporting redemptions.

  • Funds held in US-domiciled escrow account.
  • Regular third-party audits of deposits on file.
  • Contractual controls ensure funds available for redemption.

AnchorUSD is able to maintain a stable price of exactly $1.00 because it can always be created for $1.00, or redeemed for $1.00. Our verified, transparent, and audited US-domiciled escrow accounts give holders full confidence in their ability to redeem AnchorUSD for $1.00, ensuring a consistent peg.
Stellar is the ideal blockchain for payments and third-party assets. Transactions on Stellar are orders of magnitude faster and cheaper than on Ethereum or other blockchains; transactions settle in 4-6 seconds and cost well under 1 cent. Additionally, Stellar's native support for third-party assets makes it an ideal choice. There is no need for a custom ERC-20 smart contract which could have bugs or even security vulnerabilities. Because we're built on Stellar as a native third-party asset, AnchorUSD is backed by the full power of the Stellar blockchain.
AnchorUSD is for:
  • Traders seeking a safe haven while operating in volatile crypto markets.
  • Exchanges looking to expand the onramps and offramps between their exchange and the fiat world.
  • Crypto holders looking to diversify their crypto holdings with traditional assets.
  • Stellar Network users who wish to make purchases or trades using an on-ledger USD-backed asset

Our website is your portal for purchasing and redeeming AnchorUSD. First, you create an account and fill out identity verification (Know Your Customer) information. Then, we provide you with instructions on where to transmit funds. Once we're able to confirm receipt of funds, we'll issue AnchorUSD directly to your Stellar wallet address.

To redeem funds, you request a redemption on our website and we will provide you with a Stellar address and memo to send AnchorUSD to. Once we confirm the receipt of AnchorUSD, we'll send you a bank transfer with your US dollars.

Transaction Type Minimum Amount Fee
Deposit (ACH Debit) $15 1% of transaction size, with a $5 minimum fee
Deposit (Wire Transfer) $5000
  • For deposits under $100,000: minimum fee of $3, 0.3% otherwise
  • For deposits $100,000 or above: minimum fee of $300, 0.1% otherwise
Withdrawal $15
  • For withdrawals under $100,000: minimum fee of $3, 0.3% otherwise
  • For withdrawals $100,000 or above: minimum fee of $300, 0.1% otherwise

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