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Redeemable 1-for-1 to USD

Unlike competing stablecoins, we hold all deposits in US-domiciled bank accounts. Because USDX can always be created for $1 or redeemed for $1, holders can trade with confidence and avoid the volatility of unbacked cryptocurrencies. We undergo regular audits to ensure that the number of USDX in circulation is exactly equal to the number of dollars in our bank account.

Why Choose Us?

The Money Network

We are built on the Stellar Blockchain Network, it's designed from the ground up for fast and cheap money movements.

Stable Currency

Traders have confidence in the ability to redeem funds, ensuring a consistent peg of USDX at exactly $1.00 in value.

Trade Arbitrage

Our efficient purchase and redemption functionality allows market makers to profit off of providing liquidity between USDX and other coins.

Secure Escrow

All funds are stored in an escrow account, for the sole purpose of allowing redemption by holders.

Verified Funds

We work with public accounting firms to publish regular audits of our reserves.

Legal Protection

Anyone who passes our KYC/AML screening can purchase or redeem coins with us.

Our Team

Our founding team brings a combined 15 years of experience in product and engineering at top technology companies.

Partners and Advisers

We are the official USD partner of the StellarX exchange.

Jed McCaleb

Cofounder, Ripple
Cofounder, Stellar

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